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Finding Problems Delivering Your Goods and Products On Time?

MotorBikeBox is the effective one-stop solution for all your delivery dilemmasAh Hong Motor Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur has the answer by offering a motorcyle with a built-in compartment on the rear-seat. This cost-effective measure will benefit not only those in the delivery business, but also others who are self-employed and even online businesses which deliever directly to customers. The MotorBikeBox is the ideal instrument to deliver fast and on time.

MotorBikeBox Motrocycle and Delivery Box

Enterprising individuals can use the built-incompartment on the motorbike to store food, ice-cream or drinks, which they can sell at parks, housing estates and office blocks. The MotorBikeBox is the ideal tool for new start-up businesses.

Restaurants, eateries, courier service companies, pizza delivery, grocery shops and other businesses will find the motorcycle with additional MotorBikeBox an answer to their delivery woes as it will provide a value-added service to all their customers and clients.

With these motorcycles providing speedy and punctual services, customers’ confidence can be gained and enhanced whilst acting as a supplementing marketing/advertising tool for the business owner/company.



MotorBikeBox Ends Your Delivery Service Challenges

This will signal the end of customers complaining about not receiving their orders in time while also generating immense publicity and wide exposure due to the bike traversing every nook and corner of the city.
Without a doubt, this motorcyle with the built-in compartment (MotorBikeBox) holds much potential and promise which businesses must exploit if they want to grow and expand.

The compartment can be built according to the owner’s specifications and requirements and it will certainly be a boon for businesses whose profits are bound to soar with the anticipated increase in orders and bookings. There is no time to hesitate or for second thoughts to linger.

Ah Hong Motor Sdn Bhd can provide Full Sticker Service for Your MotorBikeBox.

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