Project Description

Dimensions (L) 400mm X (W) 450mm X (H) 400mm
Inner Dimensions (L) 380mm X (W) 430mm X (H) 350mm
Net Weight 4.4 Kilograms
Gross Weight 5.0 Kilograms
Material Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP)
Colour White (Other colours available upon request)
Packaging Carton
Usage Food Box
Packing Size (L) 430mm X (W) 430mm X (H) 485mm
Volume 57 Liters

The MotorBikeBox BT-04-1 is made out of Fiberglass Plastics (FRP) box which is widely used by courier companies for dispatching letters, parcels, food delivery among others. MotorBikeBox BK-02 comes with a customizable size and colour based on request.

The MotorBike Box BT-04-1 is tremendously popular in Europe and the United States. This motorcycle delivery system is now also available in Malaysia.

The Delivery Box for Scooters is highly recommended for Plumbers, Electricians, Restaurant Owners, Handyman etc.

Free Advertising
Customize your new or existing MotorBikeBox even more with Airbrush Designs or Custom-made Sticker Designs. The Scooter and Motorcycle Delivery Box System allows for some fantastic and highly effective FREE advertising opportunities. Ask our Sales Executive for additional information.

Top Discounts
Combine your New MotorBikeBox with a New Motorbike and get a tremendous discount. Various financing plans available.

MotorBikeBox Price - Upon Request
Bracket Price - Upon Request

Custom design options available
Indirect FREE advertising
Shipping nationwide
Safe additional transport and storage space (your safety, our concern)
Unique Workmanship for every MotorBikeBox
All boxes with quality lock

Optional Accessories
Sling belt
Extra shelving
Additional insulation
Emergency light
High safety Customized Brackets to suit every motorcycle model

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